Results of the Innovation Forum

We would like to say thank you to all participants of the BFO Innovation Forum 2016 in Dresden for their support, which contributed substantially to the success of the event.

In addition to information about the potential benefits of BFO-based systems for your specific problems, there was also a discussion about the formation of a consortium for the final stages of the development of the technology and its funding.

The aim of the Innovation Forum was to establish a sustainable network for the commercial exploitation of the basic BFO technology in the different areas of application. The members of the network in formation, from science and industry, undertook a first step towards preparing an exploitation strategy for BFO in hardware-based cryptography and photo/particle detectors and identified potential partners for a similar strategy for neuromorphic circuits. During the period of sponsorship, there are further jobs to be done together with potential users and partners:

  • Analysis of potentials, product ideas and frameworks for BFO-based chips in the areas of application
  • Forming a consortium each for both of the application fields (hardware-based cryptography and photo/particle detectors) to implement an exploitation strategy
  • Modeling a development roadmap for the use of BFO-based chips in neuromorphic circuits to prepare later exploitation